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> H.264+ SDVR(GL)
  • Name:H.264+ SDVR(GL)
  • Model:SDVR-6204GLS
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    Support 4CH 5MP/4MP/3MP unreal-time; 1080P real-time Encoding;
    Support H.264+ (Quasi H.265) encoding, ultra-low bitrates;
    The first channel with Intelligent Video Analysis System(IVS);
    Support 1080P XVI/AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP Self-adaptive five signals;
    Support HDMI(2K) / VGA(1080P) full HD output simultaneously;
    Support ONVIF; access third party IP Camera;
    Support Web, CMS, provide SDK development;
    Support Mobile Phone Monitoring(IOS, Android);
    Support P2P Cloud Service; Alarm Information Push To Phone;
    Support UTC, control PTZ and OSD through coaxial cable;
    Support Multi-Language;